The Wages of Sin, Neumo's, Seattle WA

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a photographer from Australia, based in Seattle, WA. I primarily focus my images and stories around Landscape, Urban Architecture, and Concert Photography and how these relate to the human experience.

You might say I’ve got the travel bug or a little case of wanderlust. I might say that I’m just mesmerised by how beautiful our world is. There are so many places far and wide, all unique and different with a story to be told. My images present the story of wonderful people and all these places great and small, through my perspective.

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Personal Photography Projects

Currently I am working on a couple of personal projects in my photography that involve the human experience in some particular way. They are an exploration of an idea and the telling of a story through a series of images. 

Each image in the series holds a place and a purpose for conveying an aspect of the idea the project is based on. I invite you to view them in their current state on my projects page.

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