There are some countries in the world that have a certain aura about them. Some places that make you want to return again, and again, to experience the wonder that fills every city, town, village, and trail. Iceland is one of those places for me. It's a country filled with wonder, where there exists bountiful, natural areas right alongside urban development.

Sitting on the meeting point of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Iceland has a very harsh and rugged environment. Jagged rocks and mountains appear around every corner. And yet somehow, so do traces of people. Outside of the capital city of Reykjavik, villages are few and far between. Nestled in at the head of a fjord or interspersed on the hillside of any of a number of active volcanoes, you'll find houses, churches, farms, and waterfalls amongst the people who live there. 

It's a fascinating country, that from the outside is shrouded in amazement of how people live and thrive in such a remote and desolate location. An amazement that absolutely makes me want to return to experience Iceland over and over again.