G’day, and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Jacob, and this is a little more about me, and the how & why parts of my photography.

I grew up in Australia, and moved to Seattle when I was 25. I’ve been living there since and absolutely love it. There are fewer more beautiful places on earth than a city in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

I think on some level I’ve always been a visual person. It’s how I convey my thoughts, how I learn, and how I enjoy the world. Often I’ll just stop and look at where I am in the world purely just to take it all in, for no good reason other than to marvel at the raw, visual beauty of our world.

For me, photography is my way of capturing that story, that feeling, those words… and how I tell my story. The world through my eyes, with my words.

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Photo by Rod Hoekstra.

Photo by Rod Hoekstra.

Photo by Pamela Ann Berry.

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I've got a list of the gear I shoot with over here. Enjoy!

Guest Blog Posts

Every now and then, I’m gifted the opportunity to post to another photographer’s blog, or on another photography website. It’s quite a humbling experience to be in this position and actually quite a thrill to respond with a short narrative and some select images.

The reason why I do this is simple – sharing my perspective, my story, my rhyme & reason within the world. Thank you to each and every one who has asked me to contribute to their sites. It’s an honour.