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 Nikon FE (left) and Nikon Df (right)

Nikon FE (left) and Nikon Df (right)

I recently added a new-to-me camera to my collection to pair up with my Nikon Df. It has an old 28mm lens to go with it (picture to the left is with a 50mm), which is turning out to be great for street photography and portraits alike.

The first roll of film I put through it was a bit of test roll to see how the camera and the 28mm lens would work together. I thought it would be a good throwback to shoot something analog with something analog. I really like the results :)

Shot on a 1978 Nikon FE on Lomography Lady Grey 400 film.

Art in Jackson, WY

I really enjoy meeting people when I travel. You just have no idea who you'll bump into or what kind of folks you'll wind up sharing a conversation with. When I visited Jackson, WY as part of a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks last June, meeting Art, the owner of Million Dollar Cowboy Bar was a real treat.

He talked with fellow photographer, Justin Balog, and myself for a good while about the history of the bar, and at one point even invited us to make him an offer to buy the place ;) He was only too happy to talk to us about the history of the bar and show us around. He was even kind enough to let us take his portrait.

Such great times coming from just a simple, "Hey, how's it going?" conversation. 

Seattle's Voice

Needless to say there's been a lot going on in the world in the last couple of weeks. And Seattle hasn't let it pass by in silence.

I'm so proud of the city in which I live and the strength it is showing by fighting for basic human rights and by welcoming everyone of all creeds, backgrounds, and colour, through peaceful protest.

Shot on a 1978 Nikon FE on Portra 800 film.


When I visted the Tetons in Wyoming last year with the nXnw crew, we made a point of heading out to see "The Shane Cabin", the remains of what's left of a small log house that was featured in the movie, Shane.

We got there and had the place to ourselves to explore. I actually hadn't seen the movie, so it was pretty new and cool for me to see fresh. The whole time I thought to myself how wonderful it'd be to live out here and wake up to the views of the beautiful Teton range.

I made a few images here at the cabin, but I liked the outside / inside pairing of these two images the best, it just seemed to match the thoughts I was having about what it would be like to live here. Hopefully one day I get to come back and see it again!

A Year At The Opera

At the very end of 2015, I received an email inquiring if I'd be interested in shooting for the Seattle Opera. Having near heard or seen anything opera beyond that Bugs Bunny cartoon, I didn't really know what to expect. What I did know is that opera is a combination of story-telling and music, two elements of my photography that I have come to deeply resonate with.

At it's core, I believe good photography engages the viewer with a story - it presents an idea, challenges the viewer, and draws you to form an opinion. Music does exactly the same thing but using sound instead of visuals. It's fun to think about the parallels between the two mediums. Opera on the other hand, combines both the sound and the visual components to the story.

This was right up my alley. And having never seen an opera before in my life, I jumped at the chance to throw my spin on opera. 

What followed through 2016 was one of the greatest photographic experiences I've had, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity. Below are some of my personal favourite images from the operas throughout 2016 -- The Marriage of Figaro, Mary Stuart, The Wicked Adventures of Count Ory, and Hansel & Gretel.