Down The Beach by Jacob Lucas



It's where you go on the weekend with your mates.

It's where you go for a surf after the sea breeze came up strong enough to kick up a decent swell.

It's where you go on a summer evening to watch the sun go down with someone special.

It's where you go for a run.

It's where you go to chill out after a long week at work.

It's a place that no matter what was on your mind, it always finds a way to listen.

It's a way of life, and deeply set in our culture.

It's Australian. And no matter where we live or where we come from, we never forget.

Happy Australia Day -- head down the beach and get amongst it.



The 12th Man by Jacob Lucas


It's a particularly fun time of year right now in Seattle, with the Seahawks getting set to head into the last round of the NFL playoffs. This kind of event really brings the city together, in support of not just the football team, but a mutual respect and pride in our city. So much so in fact, that the city turns blue and green, the colours of the Seahawks.

On the back of last year's superbowl win, there's a very real energy this time around as the Seahawks look to go back to back. I explored that energy last year after the Superbowl win, in my story The Spirit of Seattle, and there are definite signs of that exact spirit coming back over the town this weekend. It's a great time to be in Seattle.

Go Seahawks!


Good Morning, Seattle by Jacob Lucas


I really enjoy getting up and watching the sun rise. It's one of the times of the day where most people just aren't up and about yet, and more often than not you have a chance to experience the world all to yourself. It doesn't hurt either that the world sometimes displays a wonderful array of colour, looking particularly beautiful.

Seattle isn't known for its sunny skies or amazing sunsets, but it does have some pretty incredible views and one awesome city skyline. Throw in to the mix a sunrise with splattered hues of pastel pinks and yellows, and you've got the trifecta right there. These moments are fleeting here, and it's truly amazing to witness them when they happen.

Good Morning, Seattle!