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Como, Colorado

Two days prior to arriving in Como, Colorado... "Here.", Armando said. "Try some of this film."

I didn't end up shooting anything digital here, and you know what, I kind of love it that way. For this place, for this work, nothing else would have done what I was looking for. Nothing but an idea and chasing it down with a roll of film and a wooden box.

Can't wait to do it again!

Snake Road

A great deal if not all of the work I did in Wyoming was in colour. I guess even in general, I don't process a lot of black & white images because most of the story in the image I see is partially a result of the colour itself.

For this image, the light of the day happened to be quite dark anyway, and although it wasn't entirely like this, to me it looked black & white as the rainstorm came in over the Tetons. 

Exploring Pinhole Photography

Last year I backed a kickstarter project to make a pinhole camera that is essentially a beautiful little wooden box that lets you wind film through it. I haven't ever experimented with these kinds of cameras before so I was very excited to try it out!

The stop on this camera is fixed at f/200!

I shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 at a 6x12 format, so it took the usual 12 images down to 6, which was perfect for testing. It's got a very wide angle lens at that format, so I'm excited to see what happens with the 6x9 and 6x6 formats that my version of the camera is configurable to shoot at.

More to come!