Snoqualmie Faces by Jacob Lucas


I like photographing waterfalls because they look different every time you see them. The weather, the time of year, the amount of water being fed into them, it all goes into creating the waterfall's personality if you will. On the way out to the Palouse recently we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls along the way. For some reason, I began to recall my Faces of the Forest work, and was inspired to research further to try to really see if this waterfall did indeed have some human characteristic behind it. 

Definitely more to come on this topic, I find these images kind of haunting and am very interested to explore this more.


Happy 4th of July! by Jacob Lucas


This image is a memory of one of the best 4th of July experiences I've ever had. I was living on a houseboat at the time, and this was the view from the roof at the time the fireworks started. I had a few friends over that day to BBQ, hang out, drink, and be merry. Then the sky lit up when it got dark and Seattle join in the revelry. Such great times!

I hope everyone in the USA this weekend has a truly wonderful, safe, and FUN 4th of July weekend :)


Guilt & Co. by Jacob Lucas


One of the things that I really enjoy about traveling to new places (or even places which you have already visited) is discovering places that you hadn't even planned on trying to find in the first place.

I found myself pretty lucky to stumble upon this place, Guilt & Co., while visiting Vancouver, BC earlier this year. It was a music club set underneath a local restaurant, serving all kinds of excellent drinks, with even better live music on stage. This is one of those places with a very real buzz that you could feel when you walked in the door.

This image was main during one of the main acts of the night. They had the audience in the palms of their hands at every note. Also, it's the latest addition to my ongoing "Life With Music" series.

Cheers to wandering aimlessly and reacting to what random awesomeness life sends your way.