Postcard From Eagle Bay by Jacob Lucas


Hello from the beautiful south west of Western Australia -- specifically, Eagle Bay, just outside of Dunsborough. Home to crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches (as well as some world class wine, restaurants, and beer), this part of the world truly is a slice of paradise.

Getting to the beach early revealed a rather empty shoreline, save for the occasional boat coming back to shore. It was incredible to sit and enjoy this wonderful beach all to ourselves. Save for the sound of magpies in the trees and the waves lapping the shore, it was otherwise pure silence for us to take in and enjoy.

From here, I'm back up in Perth now for a couple of weeks, before the trip over to Sydney for a week or so before heading back to the US. I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip, and hopefully a few more postcards before I return!


Postcard From Perth #1 by Jacob Lucas


Perth -- a city nested on the shores of the Indian Ocean. A place which I also am fortunate enough to call my home. It's a refreshing experience to return here after living in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a pretty great place to live and call home, but the way of life in each place couldn't be more different. Coming back to Perth is surreal for me because each place I visit here comes with the memory of my childhood, combined with the experience of my life in Seattle where life at the beach simply doesn't really exist. Perth on the other hand, is built around access to the coastline laden with wonderful white, sandy beaches, and the people here who frequent them as a part of their daily life.

And why wouldn't you? The feeling of the sun on your back, the feeling of the hot sand on your feet, the feeling of cooling off in the ocean... Ahhh.


See You Again, Seattle by Jacob Lucas


Today Anna and I say "See you later" to Seattle start the long flight to Australia, where we will be for the next few weeks. It's an exciting time to head home, to be with family and friends over the Christmas break. I get to meet my nephew for the first time, too!

I couldn't head off without leaving some kind of message to my current home of Seattle here on my site. Earlier this week Jake Johnson and I hit up Pike Place Market downtown to wander around, shoot a little bit, and catch up before I left. It was great to hang with him and watch him work on his Seattle On Film series. It also didn't hurt that it was quite a beautiful sunset at the time, and the market looks just so damn good with the backdrop of pastel oranges, yellows, and blues!

I'll be back in Seattle early January. Until then, Seattle!