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For Daniel

On Friday night, I received an email from a good mate of mine. His name is Sam Gabell and he wrote to me about a mutual friend from high school, Daniel Makin. The two of them and a group of friends had been on holiday to celebrate a friend's wedding. With Sam's permission, I'm reproducing the text of that email here today:

Hey Jacob mate. I know we haven't spoken in a while (not directly at least) but I've got a massive favour to ask you. I've just returned from going to Cameron Fellows wedding in Vietnam this morning. I was travelling with Alex How, Terry Russell and Daniel Makin. You might remember those guys from St Marks. Long story short, Daniel suffered an epileptic fit and passed away in Singapore airport on our way home. I was the only one that took a camera with us and I've got a bunch of photos from the trip that are now obviously worth quite a lot to everyone here at home. I'd really like to do him justice and process a few in time for the funeral on Thursday but I still very much consider myself an amateur photographer and an even more amateur processor. I follow your G+ stream and you've been doing some amazing things lately. If I get a few photos to you somehow do you think you could either help me process them or guide me through how to do it. Let me know mate.

I was shocked at the news and didn't really know what to expect. I of course replied that I'd help in any way that I could, even though I hadn't seen the photos, or Sam or Daniel in years. The following day, Sam sent me the photographs and they were amazing. He'd done a great job photographing their holiday together and it was abundantly clear that Daniel was having the time of his life. All the images on my site today are not mine... they are Sam's, and again, reproduced here with his permission.

On Saturday night I sat down, poured myself a glass of a fine 15 year old whiskey, poured one for Daniel too, and began to work on the photographs. What you see here are a selection of the images I worked on that Sam sent to me.


Last night, Sam emailed me back again, with this image. I have to admit this choked me up a bit. I was floored.


This is for you, Daniel. Rest in peace mate. I hope you like the photographs.

Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA