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What Comes Next?

I'm writing this as a bit of a brain-dump from the weekend just past. I've got some smooth jazz music from New Orleans playing in the background as I type this. The past three days have been simultaneously a whirlwind, revealing, and well, I don't quite know what yet. Part of the act of writing this blog post is actually to try to digest what I've experienced.

I spent the past three days in Port Townsend, WA. This small town on the Olympic Peninsula was home to a veritable meeting of the minds. For the three full days, pretty much sun-up to sun-down, myself, some old friends, and a half-dozen then-strangers, now all people I'm proud to call my friends, met up to talk about the process of creating art. We're all photographers, but the conversation was by no means bounded by the limits of that particular craft.

Right now my mind is in a state where I'm not quite sure what's real. I don't quite know how to exactly verbalise everything that was discussed, that was learnt, or thrown away. What I can say is this... up until Thursday, my photography has grown kind of organically. The reason for why I pick up a camera today remains as true as it did when I first started shooting a couple of years ago. But since I started, there's been no driver at the wheel, no captain on the ship. It has it's own free will. After this weekend, I'm not quite sure what's happened, but it feels like I'm about to begin to take some form of control of a new facet of my art. I just don't know what that facet is yet.

I have no idea what's coming next... I need to spend the next week, month, however long it takes, wrapping my head around the last three days. I can't wait to see just what is coming next.

Watch this space.

Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA