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All Too Familiar Humdrum

Another morning. The clock ticks past 9:30am and the doors open. The hum of the neon sign keeps me company while there's nothing else to do. My morning paper and coffee are only so much help. Then I listen a little deeper to that humming sound emanating from the sign. It's a little hypnotic, in a way. My mind begins to wander. In a split second I'm transported to my favourite mountain trail. I can smell that comfortable scent of fresh pine in the air. I love the feel of the mulchy forest floor underneath my feet as I meander my way along the trail. Daily humdrum melts away, and I feel as free as the eagles in the air and the deer amongst the trees. A ringing sound cuts the silence of the forest. What bird is that calling to me? I look around to try to catch a glimpse of him, and notice a customer outside waiting. The shroud of the forest vanishes in a blink, and reality swiftly returns. I get up and walk outside to attend to my duties, hoping that the eagles and the deer will wait for me.

Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA