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Postcard From Perth #1


Perth -- a city nested on the shores of the Indian Ocean. A place which I also am fortunate enough to call my home. It's a refreshing experience to return here after living in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a pretty great place to live and call home, but the way of life in each place couldn't be more different. Coming back to Perth is surreal for me because each place I visit here comes with the memory of my childhood, combined with the experience of my life in Seattle where life at the beach simply doesn't really exist. Perth on the other hand, is built around access to the coastline laden with wonderful white, sandy beaches, and the people here who frequent them as a part of their daily life.

And why wouldn't you? The feeling of the sun on your back, the feeling of the hot sand on your feet, the feeling of cooling off in the ocean... Ahhh.


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA