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Sunset Over Perth


After a number of weeks touring around Australia, Anna and I are now back in Seattle after the long flight over the Pacific. It's definitely good to be back, but very surreal to think that just yesterday we were walking around Sydney in the summer sun, and now we're walking around neighbourhoods of Seattle inside the cold of winter.

I enjoy looking back at photos from my travels, especially right after I return, and especially when those photos are of summer, and I'm now in winter ;) This photograph of the city of Perth, a city that I'm happy to call home, was shot a few days into the trip, just north of the city. There's a nice little yacht club on the Swan River that has a pretty great view to the south-west looking out over the Perth skyline. Anna and I spent the evening here taking in this view (with a little party of seagulls), enjoying the first few days of Summer.

During all this, I was reminded how wonderful it can be to return to a place you're comfortable in, with fresh eyes. Seeing Perth as a tourist would really opened my eyes to how beautiful Perth is. It's kind of funny how normalcy tends to become "boring", even when normal happens to be such a beautiful place.


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA