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Sylvia Falls


Without a doubt, this hike in the Blue Mountains was simultaneously the most difficult and most beautiful hike I've ever done. It's a pretty simple drive to the trailhead, but from there all simplicity disappears. The hike is about 2km round trip from memory, the first kilometre of which is pretty much straight down the canyon wall. It switches steeply back and forth down and down and down until you start to hear the sound of the waterfalls hidden inside the canyon.

Once you make it to the waterfall, it's like a little oasis nestled away in the earth. Hard to imagine that everything exists so far above this place and if you just drove past you'd miss all this wonder.

Sufficed to say that the hike back UP with all the camera gear, tripod, etc on my back was a mission, and is seriously making me consider mirrorless systems ;)

This image, along with one other from nearby Empress Falls, is now featured in my Water album. Click on over to check it out.

The view half way down the canyon, heading towards Sylvia Falls.


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA