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In the northern half of the world, Spring is finally upon us. As it seems to be every year, and especially so in the Pacific Northwest, the world comes out from hibernation and awakes to see the world coming back to life.

I was thinking to myself yesterday about the dichotomy of a creative life -- you're either completely depressed because you're struggling with your work, or you're completely elated because you've finally found that vision you've been lusting after and now you can execute. Great, right? :)

While the depression side of the fence can be toxic, much like the cooler, colder, and grayer months of the year, with Spring tends to come renewed thought, aspiration, and ideas. And it is indeed, rejuvenating for a creative mind. It would be wonderful to bottle those inspiring moments to sparingly ration throughout the year, to apply evenly in moments where you feel yourself drifting from the creative trajectory you want to be on.

But, in thinking about it, this straight & narrow line isn't going to be as rewarding. I truly believe you need to go through the moments of solitude and introspection to come bursting out at some point, ready to shoot for the stars and create work that matters. It's not always going to be a linear path. If it were, it would be rather dull and boring, and we'd not see some of the most moving works of art that we're lucky to have in our world.

Endure. Reflect. Emerge.


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA