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Trucks Entering Highway


I enjoy the challenges involved in working a scene and earning the image you create. The plan on this morning was to head to a pretty awesome barn and shoot in bathed in sunrise light against a Palouse backdrop. Sounds good? I thought so except when I got there, the barn was actually quite uninspiring for me. I didn't end up even photographing it that much.  

Instead, I wandered around a bit and let the scene speak to me. I concentrated on what it felt like to be there at sunrise, watching this part of the world wake up. I quickly realised, a lot of people in this part of the world had already been up for a long time. It's just part of their lifestyle and their job. 

So, as I walked around, I noticed a street sign on the road and thought about how it would be to juxtapose a moving car, or truck, against it at this time of day to help tell this story? I hung around a fired off a few test exposures on what I thought a good background and setting would be for the car that came traveling through. Once I had my composition, the rest was just left to patience and timing of the shutter button.  

Taking the time to connect with your photographs and really working the area you're photographing is very beneficial to the creative process.  


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA