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Ride Into The Night


Last night, I ventured out into the middle of Washington state, to the Wild Horses Monument along the Columbia River, in search of dark skies and the Perseid meteor shower. Each year, this meteor shower flies over the night sky about this time of year, and it seems without failure, Washington finds a way to be cloudy. This year, in one of the warmest and sunniest years we've seen on record, it did not disappoint. The new moon and clear skies made for perfect conditions to view the meteor shower.

It has been a long time since I've been out shooting just for me, just for the fun of it. If there's one take away for me this year, it's to make time to spend photographing something just for the fun of it. This shoot was all about having a damn good time and enjoying the sheer awesomeness of our world. I've been taking my work very seriously of late amongst all the projects I'm working on, and it was very liberating to just let go, and have fun with it all.

On the morning of the shoot, I just happened to listen to the latest episode of my friend Daniel Gregory's podcast, The Perceptive PhotographerIn the episode, he talks about photographing simply for the love of it all. No pressure, no need to make work that will impact the world long after you're gone... just having fun with photography and connecting with the things that you love. He even goes as far as to recall I story I told him about photographing the night sky with my Dad on the Oregon coast.

Hearing Daniel talk about this kind of mindset and approach to photography was just the kind of kick I needed to right the ship. Photographing stories and creating work that matters is important, but I've realised as a photographer, it's equally important to not take yourself so seriously all the time. Seriousness has a place and that's important with respect to the work, but it's always important to maintain a balance between the serious stuff and the fun stuff. 


Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA