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Snoqualmie Pass in 85mm

At the end of last winter after a trip to Colorado I discovered how awesome snowshoeing can be. I also realised around that same time how neglected my 85mm lens was. I tried to think of a somewhat unconvential way to get creative with it, and showshoeing gave me an idea. What if I used it to shoot subject traditionally shot wide, and see if I can make it equally (or more) visually appealing?

I took the Df and the 85mm along with me in a little throw bag, and set off for a little hike amongst the snow and trees. I figured I'd be crammed in at 85mm, but when I found a little clearing and had a view, I found something that really fit the lens quite well.

As this winter approaches, I can't wait to explore this concept a lot more, along with a lot more snowshoeing!

Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA