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Editing with on1 Photo 10


I've been using on1 Photo for my image editing needs for many years now, and I wanted to take a moment while sharing images from my recent trip to Wyoming to share an insight into the before / during / after versions of the image.

Final Version. Click for larger view.

The slideshow above shows the original image, an intermediate view after running through the Enhance module, and then the final view after running through the Effects module.

The original image was shot with a Fuji X70 camera, a camera which isn't noted for any crazy dynamic range ability, but does have a modern APS-C sensor inside.

The image had bright highlights and little detail or colour in the midtones / shadows. Using a couple of the modules in the suite, Enhance to bring back detail, and Effects to provide the final look and feel, I was able to quickly & easily create an image that I really enjoy.

If anyone is looking for more information or to pick up some new photo editing software, there's a promotion running over at on1 at the moment where you can pick up the software at a deep discount, for only $49.99, ahead of the upgrade to on1 Photo RAW later this year. Click on the banner below to learn more. There's also a 2-for-1 deal where you can get the current version now and the new version on release for $89.99.



Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA