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Mr. Balog & Mr. Martinez

Justin Balog.

Armando Martinez.

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge a couple of people - two individuals who are responsible for bringing together a whole crew of folks aligned on a common goal - pursuing photography.

Over the past year & change their creative efforts have been focussed building The Photo Frontier - a community of photographers built to help people learn and to value a creative life.

There are no rules for what level of photography you need to be producing. No discrimination of genre of photography you find appealing. No guidelines you need to meet to contribute. Just creativity fueling and enriching their lives and the lives of others.

And it's without doubt that the past few days that I've spent in Wyoming with these two gents, along with a troop of other like-minded creatives, would not have been the same if not for these two. They rally everyone together, encourage, spur conversation, and engage equally with everyone. The group we had together rallied, laughed, photographed, thrived, learned, welcomed, engaged, and connected -- all through photography.

Thank you for connecting us all, and of course thank you to all of the nXnw crew for what truly is an incredible group of artists who I'm so fortunate to have connected with. We all make each of these trips an unforgettable experience. I always come away having learned a great many things from everyone, and with a bunch of memories I'll never forget.

Thank you.

Jacob Lucas

Seattle, WA, USA