commute culture

a social disconnection in our highly connected world.

Hardcover Book, 82 Pages, 101 photographs.
7.75" x 9.75" / 20 x 25cm

By Jacob F. Lucas.
Foreword by Ray Ketcham.


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About The Book

Commute Culture is an exploration through photography of the modern day life of commuters in big cities. The book is an observation on a degradation of humankind's social interaction, thanks to the introduction of modern technology.

Today we have the Internet in the palm of our hands. It may seem like an innocuous fact, but the impact that is has on people's lives is growing, to the point where it seems as though we are beginning to prefer virtual interaction with one another.

Ever been to dinner with friends and you're the only one who doesn't have your head buried in your smartphone, and thought, "Yep, I enjoy coming out to dinner with friends to have conversations with myself."? Ever been on the bus or train to work, and sat next to someone who has actually taken the time to put down their phone and ask you how your day is going?

Times have changed, and the illusion of friendship with others is growing because of our growing love for technological escapism.

Commute Culture, through photography, takes an honest look at what's happening to our society thanks to the side-effects of portable technology.

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some images from the book

inside the book -- a preview



“Photographs depict reality and time. In this book, Jacob successfully combines both to create a layered experience of our obsession with electronic devices. The multiple events we miss while locked to the tiny screens in front of our eyes are lost moments and opportunities but they are rendered back to us as moments in this book using multiple exposures. Jacob has very effectively used this technique to create a visual representation of the coexistence of time and reality in images that are complex in composition and clear in message. “

Ray Ketcham, Editor-in-Chief, Rear Curtain Magazine.

"Commute Culture, a new publication by Jacob Lucas, which forces the reader to think about how we are connecting in an ever changing world. Mr. Lucas explores the story of how our society is quickly becoming disconnected from human interaction in one of the most common activities, the commute. His complex images will cause you to pause and consider the changes that our society is quickly facing."

Jake Johnson, Photographer.


about the author


Jacob F. Lucas

Jacob discovered his love for photography since moving to Seattle from Australia in 2006. The raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest triggered a need for him to share his perspective on this part of the world. The photographs you see here on this website are a reflection of Jacob's love for the beauty in our world and what it means to him.

In the last 18 months, Jacob's work has seen a bit of a turn from his past of photographing landscapes and architecture to a new body of work capturing human experience. Listed on his website under "Stories" are works in progress as well as some completed projects that reflect on aspects of our culture and our world. This book is a culmination of the turn in Jacob's work to a new path of impactful photography.


Ray Ketcham

Ray Ketcham has an obsession for human stories. Originally from the American Southwest, he has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the last forty-three years where he first studied sculpture at the University of Western Washington and went on to show his work in New York and Seattle. He continued to work in visual media where today he is a commercial, documentary and freelance photographer. Ray is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Rear Curtain, an online and print magazine dedicated to emerging visual storytellers who want to share important—often untold—stories.

Ray is most impassioned when teaching and mentoring new photographers, one-on-one, through the Artist Round Table held in the picturesque artist community of Port Townsend, and in small ongoing discussion groups known as IDEA. He cares deeply about helping photographers find their visual voice and create meaningful work.