Featured Work

Presented here are previews of my own personal photography projects that I've worked on over the years. Click on the links near each project to discover more about them, and to view the complete work.

Seattle Secret Shows is a look into the raw, authentic human experience of music, as seen at exclusive live performances around the city of Seattle. See more.


Commute Culture is an exploration through photography of the modern day life of commuters in big cities.

The book is an observation on a degradation of humankind's social interaction, thanks to the introduction of modern technology. See more.


Iceland. A country with a truly mystical feeling. See more.

The Spirit of Seattle. A city comes together with a fierce passion for a team that seems to transcend the sport it competes in, to a level where it unites everyone. See more.

Red Centre is a multi-media photography project from 2013/2014. Presented as a video slideshow (with audio), the project takes a look at one of Australia's most treasured and revered locations. See more.