A single image can very rarely stand on its own, and tell a story. A set of images however, that is another thing entirely, and is one aspect of photography that makes it so unique. When images are placed together, arranged in a way that so vividly conveys the vision of the author, it's almost as though the story has been narrated before your eyes. Sometimes these stories are composed during a very short period of time; others are more long form. At the end of it all, is a coherent, flowing, visually engaging piece that challenges the viewer, and opens a conversation with them on the subject matter. It's a very powerful facet of the art form of photography.

Presented here, are some of my own stories, on topics which I found interesting, which I invite you to experience with me.

Music in New Orleans

There's no finer place for live music in this world than the wonderful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Big Easy.

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Red Centre

My own personal love story with my home country of Australia, and one of her most treasured natural landmarks.

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Faces of the Forest

Part of living in the Pacific Northwest is a life nestled amongst some of the most naturally beautiful wooded areas in the world. Presented here are portraits of those inhabitants, each with their own personality, who humans are all too quick to pass on by.

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salamanca market

A story of one of Australia's oldest and largest outdoor markets. Held every Saturday of the year, rain or shine, in my home town of Hobart, Tasmania.

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blue in green

A study in colour and shape, from Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

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Out of sight

A look into the life of horses when humans aren't there.

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The Spirit of Seattle

A story of a city coming together and celebrating. They call it The 12th Man. The fans of a football team who are supporting their city just as much, if not more than the team itself.

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There are some countries in the world that have a certain aura about them. Some places that make you want to return again, and again, to experience the wonder that fills every city, town, village, and trail. Iceland is one of those places for me.

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