A study in colour and shape, from Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

Colours are everywhere in the world. They make us react and feel in many different ways, and when they are juxtaposed against one another, they can have interesting effects. I wanted to take an opportunity to explore these effects in one recent situation. During a visit to an island off the coast of Western Australia called Rottnest Island, I was mesmerised by the many bays around the coastline, and began to realise that the colours here played a big part in this fascination.

Rottnest Island is a naturally beautiful place. The coastline has incredible white sand beaches, with pristine waters of all shades of blue and green. At one point, I was fortunate enough to have one of these little bays all to myself. No one else around, just me, and the sounds of small ocean waves falling onto the shoreline.

Press play below, on the music which gave me inspiration to explore this idea, listen, and enjoy the view.