A Preview: seattle secret shows

An authentic, raw experience of Music and Art.


I believe that music is a story and a true universal language of the world - everyone from unborn babies to the elderly, from all backgrounds and all walks of life can feel what a song is about even if they can't understand the words. Some instrumental songs, like the one below, can be even more powerful than those with words. 

Seattle Secret Shows bring together musicians, artists, creatives, and people who love to experience music as it is meant to be heard. All the "Hollywood polishing and production" is cut away, and the story in the music shines through. More importantly, the shows allow the story and the artist to truly connect with the audience.

The full story will be explored during 2015, and will be available here upon completion. For more information, check out seattlelivingroomshows.com for upcoming shows to see how you can attend and experience this in person for yourself.