A story of one of Australia's oldest and largest outdoor markets. Held every Saturday of the year, rain or shine.


If Hobart is the heart of Tasmania, Salamanca Market would be one of the major arteries responsible for delivering the nourishing art, craft, food, and culture to the island. What began as a suggestion for a community market in the early 1970's has become a proverbial institution. Each and every Saturday of the year, locals and tourists alike flock to Salamanca Place to savour the fruits of the island state's labour.

Traders, craftspeople, farmers, wineries, distilleries, and artists all call Salamanca home for a few hours every Saturday. Most everything is available, from hand-turned salt and pepper shakers made of Tasmanian wood to world class whiskey to fresh fruit and vegetables... it's all there. Under the shadow of Mt. Wellington in the middle of the city of Hobart, the city comes alive in a warm and friendly, open exhibition of everything that makes Tasmania the wonderful place it has become.

As much as the market is about trading of goods, it's also very much about Hobart and the people who call this place their home. As you walk around the market a familiar feeling envelopes you, like you're right where you're meant to be. The people of Hobart know it, and are more than happy to share it with the world. This Tasmanian treasure would not exist if it were not for the efforts of the many people involved at all levels - from stallholders to patrons.

And from one fellow Tasmanian, to all the others and to the rest of the world, I'm so thrilled to share a part of our story.