It's one thing to look at a football game and see it at face value. You could sit there and say it's a bunch of muscle-heads charging at each other and it's nothing more than that. Shit, I don't even really like the game - it's way too stop-and-start for me. I appreciate the athleticism it takes to throw a football 50 or 60 yards into space to someone running at top speed in all sorts of directions, only to have them catch it on the run and get into the end zone. Sure, that's pretty awesome. No question about it. 

It's another thing entirely to watch a sport unite an entire city. To watch one team bring everyone together. The kids get out of school because the team wins. The adults get out of school or work because (kids get out of school) the team wins. Everyone is just... together. Nationality, race, creed, sexuality, and any other reason you can think of to discriminate are all cast aside and what remains here in this case is the clear and true spirit of the city I'm so proud to currently call my home - the city of Seattle. 

They like to call it The 12th Man around here. The moniker they've given to the fans of the football team. It's bigger than that... so much bigger than that. Today, over seven hundred thousand (700,000! - the population of Seattle is ~600,000) people came together - as families, as friends, and as total strangers. Together, they cheered and danced. They partied. They sang. Together. No one was hurt, injured, killed, or hated on. Instead, high fives, hugs, embraces, and cheers were shared between everyone. There was a very real and uplifting energy about the city today - something I've never, ever seen before. That energy is what I believe is The 12th Man. It's not the fan base of a sports team - it's the spirit of Seattle, and the spirit of the people who live here, strengthened and united together.