I'm thrilled to be partnering with Justin & Armando to join in the wonderful creative community that they're building over at The Photo Frontier.

The community is geared towards building a creative body of work for every contributor, regardless of the kind of camera you own, or what kind of photography experience you may have.

On top of everything, it's a wonderful place to find a supportive community geared to helping you achieve your goals in photography. As an artisan in residence, I contribute my experience in photography and excerpts of my work to help others on similar creative paths.

Photography is so much more than the photograph. For 30 years, photography has enriched my life by introducing me to new friends and experiences. When Armando and I set out to create The Photo Frontier, we started with the idea of Fellowship and Creative Experience. That’s what photography has always been for us and that is exactly what we want The Photo Frontier to be for you. -Justin Balog


We are a fellowship of explorers, guided by creative principles, who believe that photography can enrich their lives and the lives of others.

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The Photo Frontier was founded by Justin Balog (above left) and Armando Martinez (above right). They set out to create a unique photographic experience and Fellowship of Explorers that is free of negative criticism and full of positive inspiration.