I remember the first time I picked up a camera. It was a digital camera my dad brought back from an overseas trip back in the 1990's. It was one of the first kinds of digital cameras they made and recorded images directly onto 3.5" floppy disks. I remember the first time I pressed the shutter and watching an image appear on the back that I made. That I MADE. It was an incredible feeling to think that I could create something that showed the world what I saw.

Some ten years later, I got my hands on my own digital camera with an interchangeable lens. It a modest point & shoot, but it unlocked a creative path for me that I wasn't even sure that I knew I wanted to walk down at the time.

After moving from Australia to Seattle, photography kicked into high gear and became a part of my life and how I saw the world. It became part of how I told my story, and part of how I shared observations on the human experience, be it through landscape, candid street photography, or music. Everyone has a story to be told, and telling that story through imagery (and telling it well) is something that I find truly rewarding.

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I think on some level I’ve always been a visual person. It’s how I convey my thoughts, how I learn, and how I enjoy the world. Often I’ll just stop and look at where I am in the world purely just to take it all in, for no good reason other than to marvel at the raw, visual beauty of our world.

Nowadays I still live in Seattle and spend a great deal of my time photographing landscapes in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle, and music in the area. I try to always have some kind of long-term personal project going, and after just completing one I'm starting to research new ideas for whats next - it's a very exciting time!

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you enjoy the content presented here, and come back often to see what's next.


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