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Seattle Secret Shows

An authentic, raw experience of Music and Art.

The whole idea of music, from the beginning of time, was for people to be happy.

~Robert Plant, Lead Singer, Led Zeppelin.

Music is a story and a true universal language of the world - everyone from unborn babies to the elderly, from all backgrounds and all walks of life can feel what a song is about even if they can't understand the words. Some instrumental songs can be even more powerful than those with words.

For reasons that are emotional, physical, and subliminal, music connects to us all. We feel the story and all the attached feelings of the musician when he or she is strumming the guitar, playing the harmonica, singing a note, or banging on the drums. Behind the love of playing songs and performance art, there is a human nature of conveying story through music.

The orchestrated big-arena shows you see from world famous bands are more of the performance. The story in the music is there, but diluted by much fanfare, stage lights, and production. There is little personal connection between the musicians and the audience, and as such, their story gets lost in all of the glitz and glamour of performing to tens of thousands of people at once.

Seattle Secret Shows bring together musicians, artists, creatives, and people who love to experience music as it is meant to be heard. All the "polishing and production" is cut away, and the story in the music shines through. More importantly, the shows allow the story and the artist to truly connect with the audience.

Managed, organised, and run by two Seattle sisters, Kristen and Carrie Watt, these intimate experiences of music are meant to be enjoyed as just that. There's a wonderful hush in the crowd at each performance where everyone is there and listening intently to every single note that is played and sung. The environment is built purely for listening and the enjoyment of music.

Between songs, their audiences have the chance to connect with the musicians on stage. Little back stories and context to the songs being played often come out and spark a fun banter between the artist and the audience.

In a time when it's not uncommon at music events and social gatherings to see people otherwise distracted by shiny gadgets and unrelated conversation, it's a breath of fresh air to experience a movement like this one where the environment is set up to be so focussed and connected to everyone in the room - all centered around the human love for the experience of music.

Shows are on regularly throughout the year, usually at a monthly cadence. If you're in Seattle or passing through and enjoy music, do consider getting tickets. You won't know who is playing, or where -- only when. The only guarantee is an awesome, intimate experience of live music.

Are you on the list?

"The last thing to leave this planet will be water and music. People cannot live without music."

~Quincy Jones.

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